Image Processing & Analysis Our ACQUIPIX ™ imaging engines

Our ACQUIPIX ™ imaging engines combine acquisition technologies - optical, electronic, lighting - with high-performance algorithms to provide the best image quality to improve practitioner knowledge and diagnosis.

Our systems offer the possibility to process the acquisition of the image and to adjust the light in real time resulting in a very high fidelity image.

ACQUIPIX ™ technology adapts to all the constraints of the scene with innovations in the visualization of cells in different modes, the scan of small 3D objects, spatial deformations elimination .... all this made to serve diagnosis and good decision-making.



i2S is one of the founders of the standards ISO 19264


Phenomena such as moiré, false colors, noise, "debayering" all hinder the analysis of an image and therefore diagnostic decisions.

Our team relentlessly pursues innovative improvements for image quality and is always furthering the performance of its algorithms.

Having confidence in the image for better diagnostic assistance. 


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