Digital libraries Collection and sharing of clinical data

e-MedCare allows users to create their custom digital libraries.

e-MedCare solution has a simple, easy-to-use user interface with many tools that allow the user to optimize their searches for both images and clinical data. The user interface is fully configurable and secure. You can customize your graphical environment with a single click.

This digital library solution is available in Software as a Service (SaaS) mode, fully hosted on site or via a dedicated cloud.

Powerful search engine


Patrons can easily browse and search content in your digital library with a powerful search engine.


Rich discovery experience for your patrons


Engage your patrons and increase traffic with a rich discovery user experience. e-MedCare provides a modern user interface with multiple ways to browse and access contents.

Responsive design


Content of your digital library can be seen and discovered from all media with a fully responsive design.

Manage your data


e-MedCare provides a fully featured online back office to manage your digital library easily using a simple web browser.

Share & promote your content


Increase the visibility of your digital library with built in OAI-PMH metadata repository and share features for social networks.

Choose your hosting solutions medical certified


e-MedCare digital library solution is available for local on premise hosting or in a dedicated Cloud.

Powerful Search Engine

Patrons can easily browse and search content with a powerful search engine including:

  • Facetted search dynamically created with the Metadata
  • Language based fuzzy search (spelling mistakes, similar sounds and alternative suggestions)
  • Full text search with keyword highlighting in the entire collections

Manage your data

e-MedCare provides a fully featured online back office to manage your collections easily using a simple web browser:

  • Upload single or multiple contents as a batch
  • Create, update, enrich metadata and records
  • Organize your content in categories and collections
  • Upload and manage your medias : Images, PDF document, Audio, Video, 3D objects
  • Manage your website content : CMS, News, Scientific insights, ...
  • Define Public or Private access to document, collections, pages,...
  • Apply changes as batch with the bulk action feature

Faceted search

In the user interface is the faceted search menu. Faceted search is the ability for the user to narrow the search within the collection to certain fields.

The facets are automatically created by the search engine from the metadata provided with the objects. Within the back office, it is possible to configure which facets to display including:

  • Areas of research
  • Characteristics of the sample
  • Date of analysis / shooting
  • Location
  • etc...

Faceted search engines are being widely used now in all websites presenting large amounts of content in order to access as quickly as possible to the specific material the user is looking for.

Full text search

Get complete full text search into your content with keyword highlighting. Full text search is available for global search into all of your content as well as inside a document. With our powerful search engine and language support full text search provides some fuzzy search capability to correct spelling mistakes, suggest similar sounds, etc...

Text search can be done on:

  • Metadatas
  • Full text
  • Bookmarks

Responsive and customizable Design

Engage more visitors with the ability to discover content from any platform including tablets and mobile phones. e-MedCare is delivered with a fully responsive design. The built in content viewer includes a powerful image streaming engine to facilitate discovery on mobile platforms.

All content viewers are built on modern technologies using HTML5 javascripts. These technologies employ a widely used open standard that is available on all web browsers without any requirements for additional plugins.

Solution is delivered with 4 different design templates and full access to the template source code for customization


Metadata, images...and more...

e-MedCare is able to import all standard file format and much more :

  • Images : TIF, JPEG, PNG,...
  • PDF document
  • Full text ALTO
  • BookMarks
  • Audio files such as MP3, OGG, MPEG, M4A...
  • Video files such as MP4, OGG, WEBM,...
  • 360° images
  • 3D Objects
  • Connection to Video platform such as YouTube or Viméo
  • Connection to iiif server

Share and promote data

  • Easily share metadata with partner libraries or content aggregators with the build in OAI-PMH. OAI is an open standard for facilitating metadata exchange accross libraries.
  • Use the Social Network widgets to promote your content : FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, ….
  • Connect your existing tools to our solution with the e-MedCare API : online catalog, internal tools,...
  • Create digital images repositories interoperable with others libraries thanks to the iiif protocol.


Easily ingest metadatas through :

  • CSV, XML, …
  • Connection to online catalog
  • OAI-PMH connection with partner libraries

Share images from other libraries:

  • iiif server connection

Automate ingestion through :

  • API build or connect your existing tool
  • Limb Processing automatic connection

Users Features

From the e-MedCare front office, final user can easily create an account and benefits from the following features:

  • Manage its favorites into personal collections
  • Have access to a document historical
  • Create personal notes on documents
  • Have a private access to specific document or collection
  • Enhance document metadatas with collaboratives annotations

Easy Back Office Management

  • Create new records and upload content

New records can be easily created or updated from the back office by entering the descriptive metadata information and uploading the digital files. New records can be added manually or as a batch for large content upload

  • Create and manage collections

Within the CMS create collections and assign records individually or as a batch. Collections can be easily created and organized as a hierarchy (sub collection and sub categories) within the back office without any limit.

  • Get the real time analitics on the traffic and most seen content

Directly from your dashboard get a real time view on the traffic generated by your content and most popular documents, collections or authors.

  • Manage

Collection and Document, Users, Rights, Languages, Edit Pages, News, Scientific insights, Events, etc.

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