e-MedCare Imaging Software Solutions




Through an ecosystem entirely dedicated to image, we design and manufacture for you fully customized imaging sets and subassemblies integrated into devices.

Our multidisciplinary know-how and our state-of-the-art technologies allow us to meet your imaging needs in a global way from "Photon to Cloud".



From "Photon to Cloud" approach

An R&D team composed of engineers in optics, electronics, mechanics, robotics and software for a global support in your imaging projects.
• Design and manufacture of customized medical devices
• Development of business interfaces adapted to the end user
• Sharing and storage of clinical and scientific data

Integrated vision 2D / 3D

Design and Manufacturing of Custom design MD

  • Devices incorporating automated data acquisition and processing
  • Control and imaging software (localization of a specific object, automation of acquisition, preparation for advanced treatments - Denoising, Image dynamics, Brightness, Contrast, ...)
  • Image analysis with learning ability: detection and identification - Structural analysis, Classification, Mapping, Counting, ...)
  • Cloud connectivity for remote access to diagnostic support data by the practitioner.
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Image Processing & Analysis

Our ACQUIPIX ™ imaging engines

Subtle dosage of acquisition technologies - optical, electronic, lighting - boosted by a processing of high-performance algorithms.
Objective: To provide the best image quality to improve the practitioner's knowledge and his diagnosis.

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Business Software

Clinical management & diagnosis

  • Web interface design and HMI adapted to the needs and constraints of the practitioner.
  • Efficient, ergonomic, personalized and intuitive interfaces thanks to multiple exchanges with the health professionals concerned.
  • Secure management of patient data with certified medical hosting
  • Traceability of tasks and data for secure monitoring of patients.
  • Presentation of relevant data during different diagnostic and therapeutic activities.
  • Several supports possible depending on the end use (smartphone, tablet, ...)
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Digital libraries

Collection and sharing of clinical data

  • Certified medical system architecture.
  • A powerful search engine.
  • Hosting solution on site or via a dedicated cloud.
  • Share and promote your content.
  • Webdesign interfaces accessible from all media (PC, tablet, smartphone, ...) through an adaptive design.
  • Define private or public access of scientific data to the public.
  • Possibility of online payment.

More than 30 years of know-how acquired through our activity Heritage digitization.

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Collaborative platform

Clinical and scientific exchanges

A user management that allows everyone to create their account and benefit from the following functions:

  • Easy import of clinical data.
  • Manage your favorites and create personal collections.
  • History of documents scanned.
  • Create personal notes on the documents.
  • Private access to a specific document or collection.
  • Enhance clinical metadata with collaborative annotations.
  • Traceability of annotations / opinions of members of the scientific community for improved exchanges.


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