Our services A professional dedicated team...

  • Web designers to customize your front office 
  • Expert in digitization to audit your content
  • Expert in content management to build up your virtual library structure
  • Support engineer to assist you
  • System engineer to secure all tasks and data
  • Full Project management


We can offer your company a full range of services – from inspection and audit through to data ingestion, training and customization. We seek to offer you the very best solution in each category. 

Audit and Consulting


Before starting to build your virtual library, meet our expert in digitization and content management, they will help you to define the right solution for your needs. 

Data ingestion


CSV, XML, Raw datas, images, PDF, multimedia files, ... let us take care about your data and ingest properly all your content into your Limb Gallery solution...



You want to move to a modern and efficient solution...but you don't want to rebuild everything. Our data migration service will take care about that and move your data with high performance scripts from server to server.



e-MedCare customization services can create a brand identity using logos, graphics, custom headers, color schemes and so on. All these elements brought together in a seamless fashion will generate an original, consistent and powerful image for your entity.



You need your team to be efficient on customization, OAI, back office management, API usage, ... We have experts to improve your knowledege about the solution.



You need some help ? Reach our suport team and create a ticket on our helpdesk (https://i2s.zendesk.com). An expert will contact you in the next hours...

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